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ATHENA - MA014230

ATHENA - MA014230

Sizes Available 

  • 48"x30" $329   
  • 55"x30" $349     Anti-Fog $429
  • 60"x30" $369     Anti-Fog $509
  • 72"x30" $429     Anti-Fog $569







1. [Easy Control]: The mirror power switch and anti-fog switch are the same control. Automatic turn on the anti-fog when the light is turned on, safe and easy.

2. [Use time]: LED lifetime: over 50,000 hours (Using the mirror 3 hours a day means it will last 45 YEARS), copper-free Environmentally friendly materials are used with a silvered reflection layer.

3. [Support Wall Switch Control]: wall switch can directly control the light on/off as this mirror is equipped with a memory touch sensor.Supper-slim mirror depth, only 1.4 inches.

4. [Packaging & easy installation]: Newly improved packing greatly reduces damage during transportation. Saving your replacement times!

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