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Marble Cloudy River

Marble Cloudy River

Pre- Fabricated

  • 110"x26" backsplash 6"
  • 110"x36"
  • 110"x42"
  • 110"x52"


Marble can be a stunning addition to any room in the home. This material is classic, works well in kitchens and bathrooms, and is known for its beauty. However, marble can also be somewhat fragile compared to other materials as it is susceptible to scratches, etching and staining, particularly when marble is used for countertops.



1. While it may seem difficult to clean marble without the use of abrasive cleaners, it's not. Marble is easy to clean and maintain. Gentle soap and warm water are enough to get the job done.


2.Acid is the enemy of marble surfaces. Acidic substances can etch into the surface and leave the marble looking dull and lackluster. This is something to keep in mind when choosing cleaners for the countertop. Any type of acidic or abrasive cleaner like bleach and vinegar should be avoided


3.Unfortunately, even with careful attention and regular cleaning it's still possible that your marble countertop will stain. Address these stains immediately. Stains from oils, such as cooking oil, can be removed with a gentle cleanser


4.Sealers can reduce staining and etching on marble countertops as sealers act as a barrier between the marble and other substances. The layers gives you a little more time to clean up spills before they stain.

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